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Episode 11: Kill 'Em All - Interview with Guitarist Skyler Tuter

May 3rd, 2021

On this Episode Brad Biggs and Johnathan Grissom talk with Guitarist Skyler Tuter. 

What the Hail!! It's been a long one for our Oklahoma brothers and sisters due to the storms, and it's only ramping up into May! We got one of our favorite sleeper cell guitarist here in Oklahoma. Skyler Tuter joins us in house. Skyler has played in bands throughout the metro area for years and currently does more in depth studio work, backing tack compositions for various projects and clients, and gear reviews to lace up all you tone deaf knuckleheads out there.  He is an extremely well versed musician, and an all around stand up guy. Also, major shoutout to our friend Johnny Hollis Minton who is debuting a new single featuring Elizabeth Turner and the mythical creature from Oklahoma himself... Dameon Aranda on guitar. It's gonna be a killer tune!!! You can catch Elizabeth Turner live tonight at the Bell Isle.  With live gigs on the mend, we absolutely cannot wait to hear more from all our friends out there!!!

Let's Talk about Music!

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