Local Earshot

Episode 19: Where the Buffalo Roam - An Interview with Cotton White of Straight White Buffalo

July 5th, 2021

EP. 19 "Where the Buffalo roam"

Guest: Cotton White with Straight White Buffalo

On this one we are joined in by our resident psychedelic doom rocker, Cotton White of the band Straight White Buffalo. He runs us through the realities of being a gig musician, lucky breaks, and how the hell this dude is still alive considering the number of vehicles he's destroyed in spectacular fashion... Hell of a story this dude has. So, settle in. Let's talk about music!

Intoduction song is the new single from our friends in Them Evil's. New tune is called "OVRDRVE", and it's a kick ass tune! Congrats and shout-out to those guys on the continued progress coming out on the other side of Covid. It's not easy to keep a band together in the best of circumstances. Nevermind a global shutdown...

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