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Episode 20: Where I'm headed - A look back on the last six months of the show

July 12th, 2021

Episode 20 "Where I'm headed."
We are joined by Brian Wofford from Episode 14 today. Come with us as we look at the last year post-Covid, and plans for the future going forward. We play back some of the songs we've had on the show, and we got a new one from our brothers out in California, Them Evil's with "OVRDRVE".
Also, we got a bad-ass blues guitarist coming to town in August. Carvin Jones will be at 89th Stree Collective on August 26th. It's a Thursday night gig, perfect night to get out and see some blues.

I said the wrong date on the podcast, despite literally having it in front of me. So, that's my bad. We'll post the links and information for the gig and ticket info on the page.
Thank you all for listening!
Let's Talk about Music!
Show Notes:
Thank you for all the gust we have been honored to have on the show!

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