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Episode 34: Fall Daze - Dark Dancing at the HiLo and OKC Wheels of Thunder talk with Brian Wofford

October 19th, 2021

Episode 34 "Fall Daze"
Guest: Brian Wofford

We got a good show this week, ya'll. Our friend, Brian Wofford, checks in with us this week before he leaves town for a little bit. Brian has become a coach of the Oklahoma wheelchair basketball team the OKC Wheels of Thunder.

We also have a benefit show to put out there that is happening in Maysville on October 23rd. Our friend Johnny Hollis will be making an appearance there.
Tragic story behind this, everybody. If you can't show up, maybe find a way to donate somehow. Go to our facebook and instagram for details on that. John Talks Show at HiLo and we listen to songs by Black Magnet and The Lost End.

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