Sativa Prophets

Special guest

Sativa Prophets are an American music and art group from Oklahoma City. Banding and expanding together in late 2014, the Prophets have grown into a full octane live performance version of Vultron. Members include Mars Deli, Rodrick Malone, Huckwheat, and Caj. An eclectic collection of artists that keep their hands busy with solo and group projects. Sativa Prophets have journeyed through the plains of the midwest, across the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, and the deserts of the Southwest regions of the Country. Home state festivals and events alike invite the Prophets regularly to join the line up. With the addition of Caj - pronounced “Cage” - they have begun to introduce more live instrumentation to their sets with groovy punchy as well as sexy guitar. One moment you’re swimming in Huckwheat’s “High Tide (Typhoons)” and the next you’re elated with Mars Deli’s “I Cant’t Relate”. Make a memory at their ecstatic themed parties such as the “House Party Pajama Jammy Jam” or “Movie Night” and their contagiously enthusiastic performances. The Prophets are also involved in the arts community of Oklahoma City. No matter the medium, Sativa Prophets sure do know how to capture your hearts.

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