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Zimmeroo is an Alternative Rock band based out of NE Oklahoma. The band plays a variety of music styles from Alternative Rock, Classic Rock, Country, and Pop-Punk. The band is made up of Cody Frost on lead guitar, keyboard, and vocals; Dalyn Rae on rhythm guitar, keyboard, mandolin, banjo, and lead vocals; Lani Frost on bass and vocals; and Austin Lucky on drums. The band was formed in May of 2021 and has been turning heads and gaining attention since. After being noticed by Brenda Cline with Workhorse 615 from Nashville, the band began an Artist Development program with her company. Brenda's extensive knowledge of the music industry has helped ensure that the band got started on the right track.

Cody Frost is the father of Dalyn and Lani. He is a Nationally recognized award winning guitar player. His roots began in bluegrass music, therefore, he has developed a unique style of playing like no other. He has toured professionally across the nation and also won state and national championships. He has been recognized by Guitar Player magazine for these achievements.

Dalyn Rae began her musical journey at a young age. She has always enjoyed singing and later picked up the guitar to accompany herself. She is professionally trained in voice from instructors based in Nashville. With a passion for music and a lifelong craft of storytelling, she is the writer of all tracks on the band's debut LP.

Lani Frost began playing bass just a few short years ago. She has a passion for music and the bass just called her name! She's not one for being in the spotlight. but everywhere she plays people take notice of her. She may not sing, but you'll for sure hear her going up and down the fretboard!

Austin Lucky plays drums for the band. Joining the band in the summer of 2022, he plays as though he's been there from the start. He has been known to come up with drum lines without even being at a drum set! He brings a fun energy to the stage, and has fallen right into place with the others.

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