Johnathan Grissom

Host of Local Earshot

Johnathan Grissom is an Oklahoma native from Midwest City Oklahoma. He would help his friends in local bands do promotions and being people to local music shows. In 2006 Johnathan and had the idea of creating a website to give the artist all the tools they need to grow. In that same year, he joins the US Air Force and moved overseas for a couple of years, then lived in Idaho, Deployed a few times, and his military enlistment. After the military, he went to the University of Colorado Business School and received a degree in Human Resources and Business Administration. In his college years, he worked at Live Nation in After moving back home to Oklahoma he had some bad times of not being able to find employment. Worked in Security, Real estate Office Management, back in Security, and now works at the Oklahoma Go Puff Delivery service. He also has been in therapy for many years because of PTSD and does Pour Art, and is the Co-Host, Editor, Producer on the Local Earshot Podcast. He also is the Owner of Morbands Media LLC that he is working on now to being the ideas he had many years ago to reality.

Johnathan Grissom has hosted 141 Episodes.