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Episode 117: Brad Biggs bid a farewell on to bigger endeavors

June 6th, 2023

Being honest, it has been a hard few days. I am fully aware that I could never fill the shoes of Brad Biggs as the host of the show, nor would I desire to. He possesses a unique style that is his own. My interviewing approach is different. However, I am making necessary adjustments to ensure the continuity of the show, and here is the current plan:

I will initiate interviews as soon as I have a studio set up for in-person sessions and a home setup for remote interviews. I have reached out to the artists who were originally scheduled, and a few additional artists have expressed interest in being on the show. If all goes well, I have 3-4 interviews lined up. I have also been in discussions with artists who have offered studio space and others who are willing to assist with production. My intention is to have a guest co-host and a guest for each episode. At least for the time being, I don't believe replacing Biggs is the appropriate course of action. He deserves recognition for the hard work he contributed to the show. If you make a donation to any of the previous episodes, please inform me so that he can receive his share of the donations.

Reflecting on past events, I acknowledge that there have been instances where I may have come across as a prick or difficult to work with. I am aware that I am not an easy person to collaborate with or befriend. It was a conversation that needed to take place, but I do regret some of the things I said.

Artist Playlist on this episode:
Johnathan Ashley White
Travis Bolt
Megan Marlene
Desiree Speis
Quake Engine
9 Left Dead

My personal message to Brad is as follows:

Take care of yourself and your family. I want to express my sincere gratitude for being an important part of this chapter of my life. I wish you all the success in the world and hope you achieve all your goals. You used to say that when someone wrongs us, you hope they eat, just not at your table. Well, I want you to know that you are always welcome at my table. I look forward to crossing paths again in the future. Take care.

Message to our fans:

About two and a half years ago, during the height of the pandemic, we started The Local Earshot Podcast. Initially, I was hesitant to proceed, but a friend asked me, "What do you have to lose?" Although I felt like I had everything to lose, little did I know that day would significantly alter the course of my life. I hold a great deal of admiration for Brad Biggs, who took a chance on me when others wouldn't. Despite his busy family schedule, he graciously welcomed me into his home, allowing us to transform a room into a makeshift studio. We began with equipment primarily used for live music, but soon realized its quality was subpar. Nevertheless, we persevered and gradually found our voices. Biggs evolved from being uncertain about what to say or ask into a skilled interviewer. Along our journey, we forged numerous friendships, and some artists even performed full concerts in Biggs' living room.
I am grateful for every day I spent recording, engaging in conversations, editing, and ultimately releasing a high-quality product. Moreover, I appreciate the friendship I have developed with Brad, who is an intriguing, intelligent, and compassionate individual. He has unknowingly provided me with valuable support in dealing with my personal battle with depression, and for that, I will forever be indebted to him.
Undoubtedly, working in the music industry, or rather the lack thereof in Oklahoma, poses significant challenges. Podcasting, too, is far from easy. In today's ever-changing social media landscape, maintaining relevance necessitates constant posting, akin to a full-time job without remuneration, only fueled by the hope of future rewards. Podcasting and being in a band share this similarity—you upload episodes or songs to various platforms, hoping that your creative work resonates with new fans and listeners. At our peak, several episodes attracted over 2000 listeners. However, during the same period, I witnessed other groups on social media and other platforms achieve double or triple our reach. I must acknowledge my own shortcomings over the past two years; I have made mistakes. On the other hand, Biggs has exerted tremendous effort in booking artists, even when some weeks saw dropouts or featured only our own content or playlist. I dedicated hours, sometimes days, to editing episodes, removing background noise.
In the end, both of us have our own aspirations and goals. While I had not planned for the recent episode to unfold as it did, I desperately needed a break over Memorial Day. We had been working non-stop for nearly a year without any time off. The level of sacrifice we both made to produce the show and promote original local music is considerable, particularly in a place where sports bars and cover bands dominate the music scene. We now find ourselves on different paths, each with our unique ideas and trajectories that may intersect and align in the future. When faced with a fork in the road, one must make a choice regarding the direction to pursue. I have chosen my path, and Biggs has chosen his; there is no right or wrong in this decision. I will support him in any way necessary to further his endeavors. He remains a cherished friend, and my perspective of him will never waver.
As for the future of the show, I need to chart a new course. I no longer have access to a studio, but I can technically conduct remote interviews and plan on recording playlists featuring submissions from local artists. If you have music to share, please send it to John@localearshot.com. I am grateful for all the kind words from artists and those stepping up to help me sustain the promotion of local music. In this endeavor, we succeed together; no one can do it alone. If you can offer any assistance to Brad Biggs in his current pursuits, please reach out
.:. Johnathan Grissom .:.


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