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Bonus: On location at the Blue Note with PerseuS

May 26th, 2021

Brad Biggs and Johnathan Grissom are on location at the Blue Note! We were able to catch up with the band PerseuS. We had a short interview with them about recent shows and upcoming shows. After the interview, enjoy a special recording thanks to the blue note Sound Engineer. PerseuS put on an awesome show. The goal of the Local Earshot is to being value to it listeners and the artist we serve. We hope to be able to bring more live performance interviews and set recording that everyone that cannot make a show will able to enjoy them when they get a chance to listen.
The hometown OKC band has seen it's share of shake-ups in recent history. The band has made a come back with an inspiring story that came with the song "10k Scars" and with Perseus music

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