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Episode 7: Lenny and the Jets - An Interview with Lenny Vanhorn a comedian from the Midwest

April 5th, 2021

Lenny Vanhorn is a comedian from the Midwest. His comedy is centered around a simple upbringing, partying through his formative years and reconciling with his adult self. His high energy performances are filled with whimsical faces, full body shenanigans and a strong unforgettable stage presence which appeals to all class of audiences. He has opened for Tommy Davidson, Don DC Curry, Shane Mauss, Ryan Niemiller, Dusty Slay, and Chris kattan. He was runner up in 2016' OKC's funniest person! And a three-time winner of Ricky Shaw's funny Fridays. Lenny is a crowd favorite through out the U.S. - Let's Talk about Comedy! 

Show Notes:

This episode does have Language not suitable for some listeners.  

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